Our People


Rohani sm

Rev. Rohani Weger

Interim Priest
We are pleased to welcome Rev. Rohani Weger as our Interim Priest, beginning Sunday, August 15th.

An Interim season can be a very fruitful time. Rohani is looking forward to meeting everyone at St. James and walking this process together.


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Cathy Sterman

Parish Administrator

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Don Kirby

Director of Music

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Evelyn Grant

Financial Administrator

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Mary Ann Hatfield


Preschool Teachers & Staff

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Laurie Krupala


With St. James since 2014, and has been a preschool administrator for over 10 years.

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Carolyn Simek

Lead Teacher, Pre-K 4 year olds

30+ years teaching preschool children and a CDA in early childhood education.

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Virginia Aranda

Custodial Staff

Keeps our school tidy and clean, also an experienced teacher’s aid.

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Becky Leer

Lead Teacher, 2-3 year olds

Over 7 years with St. James' and an impressive service record of 20 years as an educator.

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Amy Srubar

Kitchen Staff

Creates nutritious snacks and meals that keep our children nourished and focused.