Welcome to
St. James Episcopal Church 
and Preschool

“Enter as strangers…leave as friends!” 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a welcoming worship community,
where God's presence is felt 
and from which,
we are sent to proclaim 
Christ’s love and serve others.


Our Core Values

Worship...providing a prayerful, learning environment that touches every heart and enriches every soul.


Fellowship...offering social and spiritual interactivity, sharing the peace and love of Jesus Christ both within the church and beyond the doors of our church.


Service...doing God's work in our community and the world.


Historical Presence...celebrating over 150 years of the Anglican tradition in our community and creating the spiritual foundation and means to ensure the future of our parish family.


Church Family...sharing a Christ-centered relationship that welcomes, loves, and cares for each individual.

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March 1, 2020



8:00 am - Rite I Service

LEM - Chuck Gibson         Lector - Dick Frenzel

Usher - Paul Crain

Counter - Pete Hamel


Choir Call @ 9:15 am - In the Sanctuary

Childcare  @ 9:15 am St. James' Preschool

10:30 am - Rite II Service

LEM – Ken Berg         Acolyte – Cody Krupala

Lector – Mark Elvig

Ushers – Skott Baker & Annette Guenther

Intercessor – George Frondorf


Vestry Person of the Day
Joe Jameson


Altar Guild

Team  A

Dianna Berg, Virginia James, Ann Rogers & Sue Spaulding

Jesus said, "I do not call you servants any longer...but I have called you friends..."  (John 15:15) 

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