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New Here?

We are honored to welcome you. No matter where you are on your Journey, we at St. James want to you know that you are Beloved Child of God and we invite you to consider us as a spiritual home.
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Whether you’re new to the community or just new to us, we can’t wait to welcome you

All Are Welcome

Episcopalians have a diversity of beliefs and theological perspectives and we like it that way! Please know that this is a safe place to encounter warm Christian Fellowship and God’s love.

Protestant & Catholic

We have a beautiful high liturgy, love and reverence for God’s word, and we affirm the dignity of every human being. Our tradition values emotional and intellectual engagement with “The Way of Love” as shown to us in the life of Jesus.

All Are Important

All members of the church are charged with sharing the Good News of the Gospel & reaching out in love to those in need.

Our Discipline

Our three sources of authority are scripture, reason, and tradition.

Get to Know Us

St. James brings together a rich, multi-faceted group of people providing many opportunities to engage in our church family.

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Learn More About Us

We Have Something For Everyone

The people of St. James engage with each other and the community in many different ways. Learn what we’ve got going on and consider joining one of these groups for fellowship, ministry or outreach.

What it’s like to worship and pray with us

  • Other than the Nicene Creed, adopted by the Church early in the 4th Century, there is no one single document or person that tells us exactly what we should believe or how we should interpret scripture.
  • We believe that “God gave us brains and expects us to use ‘em.”
  • Episcopalians are united through our worship and through the Book of Common Prayer which has been the central text for our worship since 1528.
  • EVERYONE is welcome at The Lord’s Table. (Kneeling at the Altar is NOT are welcome to stand, as well.)
  • All baptized Christians are invited to receive Holy Communion. If you are not baptized, simply cross your arms in front of your chest and receive a blessing.

What it’s like to be a part of our community

  • We provide beautiful classically Anglican worship with beautiful music on Sunday mornings, and we have a lively and lovely community of Christians gathered with a common purpose.
  • We invite people into our new space, in the words of Madeline L'engle, "by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it."
  • We welcome the stranger and offer them the Good News of God's healing love, a vibrant center for learning and study, a place where disciples of Jesus are formed, young and old, a place where art and music are born in the service of the church and to the Glory of God.