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On a clear day, rise and look around you
And you'll see who - just who you are
On a clear day, how it will astound you
That the glow of your being outshines every star
—Frank Sinatra (On A Clear Day)

Dear families,

Earth Day is coming up, and I have to think that one good thing God is making of this situation is to give the Earth, and each of us, a clearer day. Isn’t it true that we can see things in a better light on a clear day? I’ve heard that pollution levels are down and the environment is healthier globally during the shutdown. Whether those are facts or not, I have seen firsthand more people outside, kids on my street (we didn’t know any kids lived on our street), and the opportunity to breathe fresh air. I think Mother Earth, and each of us, can use this time to take a deep breath and realize that we are, like Mr. Sinatra sings, more than enough.

The reason I know this song is because of my 17 year old son and his Victrola-style vinyl player. Pre-COVID, I was too busy in the evening to realize that he was playing my Dad’s old Sinatra records to get through homework. When silence is deafening now, I find myself flipping vinyls like a 70’s DJ. Not only am I getting a clear day to see who I am, but I am learning so much more about who my kids are becoming too. I never thought I’d come together with a teenager over Sinatra. But here we are.

Breathe. Take one day at a time. Use the clear days to see yourself and your family. What you ARE is enough. 

It is with this reflection that I take the news you’ve undoubtedly heard. Schools are closed for the rest of the year, and we will also follow those guidelines HOWEVER—we aren’t done with school!! We have a baby to welcome into the world any day now (Due May 1!!), we have a birthday parade on Tuesday for Belle (meet at Best Western at 12:30), and a birthday Zoom for Caroline B. Thursday! We have Pre-K assessments, graduation, more fun lessons, and so much more to do!

There are many decisions to be made and items to address. We realize there will be prorated tuition refunds or credits for returning students. Cubbies will be cleaned out and clothes/diapers returned in a timely manner. We are working as quickly as possible to get these things taken care of, so please bear with us! 

Thank you all for being the wonderful people you are. We will be sending out more lessons, info, and updates each week! Please stay with us as we respond to these unprecedented times. 

Love you all,


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